Sunday 5th October, 2014 
It has been another good week for fishing  and the rain and the colder weather 
has made the fish much more active.  Today the fish were being caught on the  
top and about a foot down with a wide variety of dries and lures. 
Bridge Inn FC, Linlithgow yesterday caught 12 fish for 36.1/2 lbs with 
M Nelson having the heaviest basket for 14.1/2 lbs on a Diawl Bach. 
Joseph Thain Jnr              Callendar              5  fish  21 lbs best two for 12 lbs   Black Nomad 
Joseph Thain Snr             Callendar              5  fish   14.1/2 lbs            Black Buzzer 
Harry Isherwood              Cumbernauld      2  fish     8 lbs best 5 lbs    Ally McCoist 
Harry Graham                  Glenrothes           3  fish     8 lbs                    Diawl Bach 
Mark Brownrigg               Callendar              3  fish    11 lbs                   Blk & Yellow Dancer 
W. Davies                          Cumbernauld       4  fish    13 lbs                   Blk/Gr & Red/Blk Buzzers 
A Hoggan                           Bonnybridge        2  fish      8.1/2 lbs            Olive Damsel 
Ryan Sinclair                      Ballieston             3  fish     12.1/4 lbs           Blk&Gr Nomad 
Brian Logan                        Alloa                      2  fish     10.1/4 lbs  best 6.1/2 lbs    Buzzer 
Jim Prentice                       Tullibody               2  fish        8 lbs                 Dries 



Saturday 11th June, 2016
What a difference a day can make and a 15 degree drop in Temperature, the fish
yesterday were back on the top despite the much warmer water.   When it was so hot
the fish were mainly lying round the many springs, although they are not deep the
water was obviously cooler.   
Today the Goth Club had a good day taking 47 fish for 148.3/4 lbs  with the best 
pair being A. Weir with 4 fish for 14.3/4 lbs and Steven Leyden with 4 fish for 
13.1/4 lbs on buzzers.
Kenny Low            Stirling               2  fish   7 lbs            Black Buzzer
Alec Nelson          Crossgates         2  fish   7 lbs            Diawl Bach
Gordon Porter     Stirling                3  fish  10 lbs           Damsel
Errol Feighan       Bonnybridge      4  fish  14.1/2 lbs best 5.1/2 lbs  Damsel
J. Timney              Dollar Academy  1  fish   4.1/2 lbs    Green Nymph
Graham King        Almondbank       3  fish  11.1/4 lbs   Bibio
David Quinn         Dunfermline       3  fish   11 lbs          Buzzers
H Thomson           Dunfermline       3  fish   10.1/2 lbs  Damsel
David Pitcaithly    Falkirk                  3  fish    9.1/2 lbs   Okey Dokey
Hector Wilson      Bannockburn      3  fish   10 lbs         Black Rabbit
Davy Black             Lochgelly             2  fish    7 lbs          Bloodworm
Ken Clark               Lochgelly             2  fish    9.1/2 lbs   Black Buzzer

Sunday 5th June, 2016
The lovely weather has brought an unbelievable abundance of fly life on top
of the water and loads of life in the water.   The flies on the top makes it look
like it is raining there are so many it is fascinating to watch nature at its best.
John Millar           Perthshire FFC    3  fish  8.3/4 lbs            Bloodworm
Bill Parnell                   "             "       2  fish  7.3/4 lbs            Yellow Dancer
J. Syme                  Dunfermline        3  fish  12 lbs                 Golden Olive Damsel
Michael Walker    Kirkliston             1  fish    7 lbs                 Damsel
Robert Kettles       Perth                    2  fish   5.1/2 lbs          Bloodworm
Jim Linton              Glasgow                4  fish  16 lbs                GH Damsel
K McAlpine            Thurso                   3  fish  11 lbs                Ally
Graham King          Almondbank        3  fish  12 lbs                Damsel
Gordon Abbott      Durham                3  fish    6.1/4 lbs         Dawson's Olive
Ian Sloan                 Almondbank       4  fish    12 lbs               Pinkie

Saturday 21st May, 2016
The Falcon FFC had a very windy morning today but managed to catch
43 fish for 123 lbs with Jim Russell, Jim Colley and W Anderson all had
4 fish for 12 lbs.
David Pitcaithly        Falkirk            2 fish 8 lbs             Daddy
Iain Cartwright         Abernethy     2  fish  4.1/2 lbs    Daddy
Wm Peatie                Leslie              3  fish  11 lbs         Viva
Gary Craig                 Airdrie            3  fish  11 lbs         Yellow Dancer




Sunday 15th May, 2016
It has been a lovely week with plenty of sunshine for a change.
The fish have been taking mostly just under the surface, sometimes
a bit lower when the sun is really bright with a wide variety of small flies 
and lures.
Tony Hingley             Alloa                  4  fish  14 lbs            Black Fritz
Graham King             Almondbank    3  fish   10 lbs           Dries
Sonny Ballie              Bo'ness              2  fish    7.1/2 lbs     Damsel
Jack Scougall             Airdrie               3  fish    8.1/4 lbs     Buzzer
Bob Ross                    Kilsyth               2  fish    6.1/2 lbs     Orange Fritz (special one)
Jimmy Linton            Glasgow            4  fish   11.1/4 lbs    Wotsit
Martin Hudak           Alloa                   2  fish     5 lbs           Buzzer
Davie Black               Lochgelly            3  fish     9.1/2 lbs    Diawl Bach
Andy Airnes              Clack                    3  fish   10 lbs           Gr & White Bug
K McNicol                  Dunipace            2  fish     8 lbs best 6 lbs  Olive Bibio
Jack Gibb                   Clack                    2  fish     7 lbs           Green Bug

Sunday 8th May, 2016
Today the wind turned warmer and the temp went up to 20 degrees giving the 
anglers a very pleasant fishing day with a ripple on the water.   There has been a 
lot of flies hatching off so a lot of small nymphs and buzzers have been doing well
along with the usual lures.   It was also good to see the Sand Martins down taking
flies off the water.  There are not so many small birds here anymore with so 
many large birds eating everything smaller.
Tom Faulds              Lochgelly             3  fish  7 lbs             Dancer
Andrew Gibson       Clack                     2  fish  8 lbs             Yellow Dancer
Jimmy Young           Alloa                      3  fish  9 lbs             Buzzers
Ballie Mallard          Hereford               2  fish  6 lbs             Blk Damsel
Paul Shepherd         Bedford                3  fish  11.1/4 lbs    Blk Buzzer
K Murphy                 B/Burn                   2  fish   9 lbs            Bloodworm
Laura McKenzie      Auchterarder        1  fish   3 lbs            Blk & Gr Nymph
J McCulloch             Cumbernauld        2  fish   6.1/2 lbs    Buzzers
C. Gray                      Cumbernauld        2  fish   5 lbs           Buzzers
David McRae            Falkirk                     3  fish   8 lbs           Blk Fritz
David McRae Jnr      Falkirk                     3  fish   6 lbs           Spider
Ian Conn                    Tilly                          2  fish   6 lbs          Damsel
Graham King             Almondbank          3  fish  14.1/2 lbs  Yellow Dancer


Saturday, 30th April, 2016
The water has been fishing well this week for the anglers who
could stand the cold wind, hail and snow at times.
Allan Mitchell            Stirling             3  fish   9.1/4 lbs         Goldie
Ian Wilkie                   Auchterarder  2  fish  11.1/2 lbs best 7 lbs  HH Damsel
Frank Malkiewicz      Tullibody          4  fish  12 lbs              Green Caterpillar
Dave Wilkie                Stirling              3  fish  12 lbs              Green Buzzer
Bob Garvie                  Lennoxtown    3  fish    9 lbs               Black Lure
C Graham                    Lennoxtown    3  fish    9 lbs               Okey Dokey
J Alexander                 Bridge of Allan 2  fish   9 lbs                Cat
Tex                                Cornton            2  fish   8 lbs                 Cat
John Score                   Alloa                  3  fish   9.3/4 lbs         Ally
Allan Birrell                  Alloa                  3  fish   9 lbs                Yellow Dancer
N Marsden                   Cambusbarron 4  fish 11 lbs               Craft eye Cat
J McIndoe                          "        "   AC   4  fish 10 lbs               Buzzers

Saturday 23rd April, 2016
It has been a lovely week for a change and the fishing has been good.
Last Sunday the Riverside Club had a good day catching 24 fish for
60.3/4 lbs with I Torry taking the heaviest basket with 4 fish for 12.3/4 lbs.
Today the  Falcon Club had an enjoyable social and fishing morning 
taking 36 fish for 95.1/4 lbs with Willie Barr having the heaviest basket 
with 4 fish for 12.1/4 lbs.   We all had a great celebration for 
Gregor Paterson's 79th Birthday with a cake and only a few candles!!!
Ray Lovell           Tillicoultry       2  fish  6 lbs             Damsel
Rab McKinnon   Dunblane        4  fish  15.1/2 lbs    Damsel
Dave Lawson      Methven         3  fish    9.1/4 lbs    Gismo
K MacAlpine       Thurso             3  fish   10.1/2 lbs   Blk & Gr Fritz
Stewart Terry     Perth                3  fish   10 lbs          CW Bug & Buzzers
H. Carmichael     Alloa                 3  fish    9 lbs           CW Bug
Jack Gibb             Clack                 2  fish    6 lbs           CW Bug
J Miller                 Airdrie              3  fish   11.1/2 lbs   Yellow Bob
J Stewart              Lochgelly         2  fish     7.1/2 lbs    Yellow Dancer

Sunday 17th April, 2016
It has been a quiet week with every day except Thursday having a  cold wind,
not as nice a month as last year, but we just have to put up with what we get
it can only get better we hope. 
Ian Souter              Methven               2  fish  7 lbs         Okay Dokey
Jim Coghlan           Auchterarder        3  fish  13 lbs      Cat
Bob Moir                Dunblane               2  fish   7 lbs       Black Buzzer
Wm Moir                Dunblane               2  fish   4 lbs       Black Cat
Wm Hay                  Falkirk                     2  fish   4 lbs       Dry Fly
A Inglis                    Callander                3  fish   9 lbs        Damsel
Brian Harper          Tullibody                 2  fish   5.1/2 lbs  Bibio
Dougie McKendrick  Alva                      2  fish   5 lbs       Okay Dokey
Laura McKenzie     Auchterarder         2  fish   6 lbs       Bloodworm
Davy Black              Lochgelly                 3  fish   9 lbs       Bloodworm
Ken Clark                Lochgelly                  3  fish   9 lbs       Bloodworm
Graham King          Almondbank            2  fish   6 lbs       Damsel

Sunday 10th April, 2016
The water has been fishing well with plenty of fish being caught in the 
two feet with a wide variety of flies.
Laura McKenzie       Auchterarder    1  fish  5 lbs              Black & Yellow Buzzer
Allan Harvey             Glasgow             3  fish  8 lbs              Black Fritz
Jim Jardine                Glasgow              3  fish  8.1/4 lbs      Damsel
D Thompson              Valleyfield          3  fish  9.1/2 l;bs     Buzzer
R. McKinnon               Dunblane           3  fish  9 lbs             Damsel
Harry Graham             Glenrothes        2  fish  8.1/4 lbs      Okey Dokey
Brian Harper                Tullibody           2  fish  7.1/2 lbs      Ally
Dougie McKendrick    Alva                    2  fish  5.1/2 lbs      HH Fritz Sunburst
Andy Airnes                 Clack                   3  fish  8.1/2 lbs      Black Pennel
Hector Wilson             Bannockburn    3  fish   9.3/4 lbs      Coral Fritz
Jack Gibb                      Clack                   2  fish   5.1/2 lbs      Green Bug