Sunday 16th February, 2014
It has been a beautiful  and sunny today  with the sun melting some of the frozen two
inches of snow we had on Friday night.   The fish have been caught from about
2 feet and down to about 9 feet on a wide variety of flies from Diawl Bach
to Fritzes.
Tex Nicol               Cornton                2  fish  6 lbs           Damsel
Greg Hoggan        Stirling                  3  fish  7.1/2 lbs    Ally McCoist & Lime Green Buzzer
C. Meiklejohn       Stirling                  3  fish  7 lbs           Cat
Jim Marshall         Stirling                  2  fish   4.1/2 lbs   Ally McCoist
John Graham        Crieff                     2  fish   5 lbs             "        "
Steven Duncan     Alva                        3  fish   6.1/2 lbs  Crafteye
Ron Lusher            Perth                      3  fish   7 lbs          Diawl Bach
C. Nicol                   Arbroath               3  fish   8 lbs          Orange Fritz
Jim McArthur        Queenzieburn      3  fish   8 lbs          Mini Cat

Monday 10th February, 2014
Nothing has changed this month still the same conditions with some bright spells
but mostly wind and rain so  the depth the fish are being caught is still varying
with the wind on a wide variety of flies.
Hugh Bratchie              Lochgelly               6  fish  16.1/2 lbs      Yellow Dancer
Bobby Robertson        Falkirk                     3  fish   8 lbs               Green Fritz
David McCrae              Falkirk                     3  fish   7.1/2 lbs        Blob
Robert Kettles              Perth                      2  fish   5 lbs                Damsel
Ken Bell                         Perth                      3  fish   9 lbs                Cats Whisker
Bob Garvie                    Lennoxtown         3  fish   6 lbs                 Black Damsel
Jim Coghlan                  Auchterarder        3  fish   8 lbs                 Olive Damsel
John Bell                       Airth                        3  fish   7 lbs                 Olive Damsel
Jack Gibb                      Clackmannan         2  fish   5 lbs                 Cats Whisker
Sunday 5th January 2014
We have had a very mixed start to the New Year with the 2nd being dry and the
3rd being so wild I was closed it is unbelievable how it can change such
short time.   The fish on the better days have been getting caught from about a
foot down to about five feet on  a wide variety of flies.     Diawl Bach, Damsel
Buzzers, Black and Black & Green and Yellow Dancer.
Ryan Angus               Perth                2  fish  6 lbs              Damsel
Jimmy Young            Alloa                 3  fish  8 lbs              Damsel
Allan Mitchell           Stirling              3  fish  7 lbs              Various
Kevin Kilman             Shotts               3  fish  8 lbs               Blob
Dickie  Kerr               Fallin                 4   fish  8 lbs              Okey Docky
David Rutherford     Grangemouth  4  fish  12 lbs             Yellow Dancer
Ronnie Stanovich     Glasgow           3  fish     9 lbs             Blk & Gr Fritz
Thank you and All the very best for 2014, Elizabeth             

Sunday 29th December, 2013

Today has been the best day we have had  for a while, the sun was out for a few hours
and there was no wind or rain, very pleasant.    The fish were being caught about
3 - 5 feet on buzzers and a wide variety of lures. There has been plenty of fish being 
caught and released at this time of  year as well as being killed.
Connor Leyden           Stirling            1  fish  4 lbs             Buzzer
Alan McComisky         Moodiesburn 3 fish  11 lbs           Nymphs
Raymond Grant           Perth               2 fish    5 lbs           Black Buzzer
Les Maxwell                 Falkirk              1 fish   2 lbs            Damsel
Robert Young               Kilsyth              3 fish   8 lbs            Green & White Fritz
A McInnes                     Stirling             2 fish   6 lbs            Damsel
Thank you and all the best for 2014, Elizabeth 

Sunday 21st December, 2013
For a short time today I thought we were going to get a festive white Christmas
but the snow has since disappeared.  The fishery will only be closed on Christmas Day 
and New Year's Day and hopefully the weather will be suitable for fishing 
during the holidays.
Thank you to all anglers who have supported Orchill during this year and I 
would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 
New Year. 
Thanks again, Elizabeth

Sunday8th December, 2010
It has been a quiet week with the winter weather but today it was
up to 10 degrees above so it is looking a lot better for this next week.
There has been a few anglers out catching fish mainly down about
3 - 5 feet with a wide variety of flies.
Mike Christie                Scone                2  fish  5 lbs             Buzzers
Alistair Lennox             Cupar                 2  fish  7 lbs             Ally McCoist
Jim Nesmith                  Spittalfield        4  fish  11.1/2 lbs   Cat
John Patrick                  Kilsyth                3  fish  9.1/2 lbs      Lime Green Fritz
Stuart Clark                   Kilsyth                3  fish  9 lbs             Lime Green Fritz
Robert Young               Kilsyth                 3  fish  7 lbs             Black & Green Fritz
Bobby Robertson        Falkirk                  3  fish  8 lbs             Blobs
David McCrae              Falkirk                  3  fish  8 lbs             Pink Blob
Ian Sloan                       Almondbank       2  fish  5 lbs             Black Rabbit

The water is free of ice today but we have been closed with -6 degrees
last week-end.   Please just phone if you think it might be frozen as the 
temperature has varied from 1 degree above to 10 degrees within hours,
Tel No:  01764 682287.
A wide variety of colours have been catching fish about 4 - 5 feet down,
although the fish are moving on the top they are taking further down 
as the water is certainly a lot colder after being frozen.
Yesterday the Falcon FFC had a good morning taking 31 fish for 85.1/4 lbs
with John Scullion taking the heaviest basket with 4 fish 13 lbs on Black &
Gold Fritz.
On Wednesday morning Veronica Lusher from Perth had one fish for 7.3/4 lbs
on a Diawl Bach.
Robert Chapman         Linlithgow         4  fish      13 lbs          Buzzers
Douglas McKendrick   Alva                    3  fish        9 lbs           Black Lure
John Graham                Crieff                  2  fish        6 lbs           Green Fritz
S Godfrey                       Scone                3  fish         8.1/4 lbs   Yellow Dancer
Stuart Clark                    Kilsyth               3  fish         9 lbs          Ally McCoist
John Gavin                     Perth                  2  fish         7 lbs         Damsel
Thank you, Elizabeth
Thank you all for your good wishes when I was in hospital this week, I 
appreciate your kindness.