Sunday 5th October, 2014 
It has been another good week for fishing  and the rain and the colder weather 
has made the fish much more active.  Today the fish were being caught on the  
top and about a foot down with a wide variety of dries and lures. 
Bridge Inn FC, Linlithgow yesterday caught 12 fish for 36.1/2 lbs with 
M Nelson having the heaviest basket for 14.1/2 lbs on a Diawl Bach. 
Joseph Thain Jnr              Callendar              5  fish  21 lbs best two for 12 lbs   Black Nomad 
Joseph Thain Snr             Callendar              5  fish   14.1/2 lbs            Black Buzzer 
Harry Isherwood              Cumbernauld      2  fish     8 lbs best 5 lbs    Ally McCoist 
Harry Graham                  Glenrothes           3  fish     8 lbs                    Diawl Bach 
Mark Brownrigg               Callendar              3  fish    11 lbs                   Blk & Yellow Dancer 
W. Davies                          Cumbernauld       4  fish    13 lbs                   Blk/Gr & Red/Blk Buzzers 
A Hoggan                           Bonnybridge        2  fish      8.1/2 lbs            Olive Damsel 
Ryan Sinclair                      Ballieston             3  fish     12.1/4 lbs           Blk&Gr Nomad 
Brian Logan                        Alloa                      2  fish     10.1/4 lbs  best 6.1/2 lbs    Buzzer 
Jim Prentice                       Tullibody               2  fish        8 lbs                 Dries 



Sunday 28th June 2015
It has been another week of mixed weather and changeable temperatures
giving the anglers some good sport with a wide variety of dries, buzzers,
 diawl bach and many colourful variations of lures.    The fish have been mainly 
taking on the top or just under the surface, but taking it slow when they take
an interest as many are turning away when there is such an abundance of natural
life on the top and in the water for them to feed on.
On Friday the Live Line A.C had a good day taking 16 fish for 45 lbs with
Roy McLaren taking the heaviest basket with 4 fish for 12 lbs on dries
to lures.
Davy Black            Lochgelly          4  fish for 11.1/2 lbs  Stalking Bug
Craig Satti             Dunfermline    2  fish for 6.1/4 lbs     Hopper
Robert Simpson   Sauchie             1  fish for 4 lbs            Sedge Pupae
Laurie Rumgay     Perth                 3  fish for 10 lbs          Damsel
Phil Martin            Perth                 2  fish for 6 lbs            Muddler
Allan Mitchell       Stirling               4  fish for 14 lbs         Yellow Owl
B. Davidson           Perth                 2  fish for 8 lbs            Damsel
R. Stevenson         Newarthill        3  fish for 12 lbs          Diawl Back & Dries
Mike Hanlon         Cumbernauld   3  fish for 10 lbs          Black Spider
John Barlow          Glasgow            3  fish for  13 lbs         Ally McCoist
Greg Lockhart       Dunblane          3  fish for 9 lbs            Gold Buzzer

Sunday 21st June, 2015
It has been another challenging week for the anglers with an abundance
of natural feeding for the fish to feed on and very changeable weather.
The fish are taking mainly under the surface to about 3 feet but are being 
fussy taking a wide variety of dries, wets and lures.
The Perthshire AC on Tuesday had a good day taking 18 fish for 40 lbs
with Bill Parnell having the heaviest basket with 4 fish for 11.3/4 lbs
on a Yellow Dancer.
Yesterday morning the Falcon FFC had a frustrating morning taking
14 fish for 38.1.2 lbs with Gregor Paterson winning with 2 fish for 6 lbs
on a Cat.
James Graham        Carronshore      2  fish  6.1/2 lbs          Blk Pennel
Craig Hoehle            Dunipace           2  fish  6 lbs                 HH Damsel
Hector Wilson          Bannockburn    3  fish  9.1/2 lbs         Diawl Bach
David Quinn             Dunfermline      3  fish  14 lbs              Wets
Graham King            Almondbank      3  fish  14 lbs              Bibio
Peter Coehlo            Paisley                 2  fish  6 lbs                Dries
Jack Gibb                   Clackmannan     2  fish  8 lbs                HH Damsel
Peter Wright             Lincoln                4  fish  13.1/4 lbs  best 5 lb Blue  Mini Cat
Richard Jackson        Perth                   3  fish  11 lbs             Buzzers

Sunday 14th June, 2015
Thanks again to the generosity of the anglers I had another successful
Strathcarron Charity Day raising £3,993.    It was great that the weather
improved and the sun came out before the end.   Margaret Wilson's tablet 
raised £480, which is much appreciated and enjoyed by anglers and
their families.
The fishing competition was won this year by young angler Stuart Russell
with 4 fish for 14 lbs, Stuart is the grandson of the late Letty Mitchell, who
this day was started in memory of, his grandad Rab was a well known angler.
2nd John Stevenson  4 fish for 13.3/4 lbs  Various
3rd John Speedie 4 fish for 13 lbs Damsel
4th Brian Fyffe 4 fish for 12.1/4 lbs best 4.1/4 lbs Blk & Gr Lure
5th = Martin Hudak 4 fish for 12 lbs  Nymphs
5th = Davie Black 4 fish for 12 lbs Buzzers
Bobby Wilson         Falkirk               2  fish  6 lbs           Buzzers
George McLuskey  Spittalfield       2  fish  8 lbs           Black Damsel
Brian Harper           Tullibody          2  fish  6.1/2 lbs    Claret Bumble
Peter Low                Crieff                 2  fish  5.1/2 lbs    Black Fritz

Saturday 6th June, 2015
There has been a lot of fly life on the water despite the unseasonal weather
we have had now for weeks.    Most of the time the fish are taking just under the
J Methven                   Dollar Academy  1  fish  2.1/2 lbs                Buzzers
John Graham               Airdrie                3  fish  10 lbs best 4 lbs     Buzzers
Tom Seaton                 Dunblane           2  fish    5.1/2 lbs                Gr&Blk Fritz
Duncan Kennedy        Abernethy          1  fish    3 lbs                       Black Spider
David Brown               Spittalfield          2  fish    7.1/4 lbs                Mini Cat
Dave Lawson              Methven              3  fish    8.1/4 lbs               Howie's Gismo
Bill Parnell                   Perth                    3  fish   10 lbs                     Yellow Dancer
Greig Lockhart            Dunblane            3  fish    10.1/2 lbs              Blk&Silver Buzzer
Jim Marshall                Stirling                 2  fish     8 lbs                      Loch Ordie
Bill Dawson                  Dollar                   3  fish    10.1/2 lbs             Mini Cat
Graham King                Almondbank       3  fish     11 lbs                   Daddy
David Lewis                  Larbert                 3  fish     10 lbs                   Damsel

Sunday 31sr May, 2015
It has been another good week with lots of natural flies on the water
for the fish to feed on and to make it frustrating for the anglers when
the fish spit out the artificial ones.   We are just needing warmer evenings.
Hamish Carmichael    Alloa                  2  fish  11 lbs best 7 lbs     Damsel
Wm Stanfield              B of Allan           2  fish  10 lbs best 6 lbs    Tac
Dougie Stewart           Tullibody           1  fish    2.3/4 lbs               May Fly
Sonia Leyden               Stirling               2  fish    5.3/4 lbs               Dries
James Henderson       Stirling               1  fish    3.1/2 lbs               Hare's ear
Angus Donald              B of Allan           2  fish    9.3/4 lbs              Damsel
Robert Kettles             Perth                   2  fish    6 lbs                     Clinkhammer
Craig Satti                    Dunfermline       1  fish    3 lbs                     Muddler
Jim McIndoe               Cambusbarron    4  fish  11.1/2 lbs             Dry Hawthorn
Jack Morrison             Alloa                      3  fish    9 lbs                    Dry Black Nat
Graham King              Almondbank         3  fish   10 lbs                   Bibio & Kate McLaren
Brian Martin               Clack                      4  fish   12 lbs                   Bibio
Brian Harper               Tullibody               2  fish     4.3/4 lbs            Sedgehog

Sunday 24th May, 2015
It has been a great week for fly life and some really good fishing with dries and
the May flies were out today which only happens every second year.   As
usual lures have also been catching fish with the depth varying.   It is great to see
the natural fly life coming off the water, we just need more good warm days.
Yesterday the Falcon FFC had a good morning competition catching 29 fish for
77.1/4 lbs with Jim Russell having the heaviest basket with 4 fish for 12.1/4 lbs
on a Nomad.
Matt Ritchie                Perth                  2  fish  8.3/4 lbs          Buzzers
Keith Lloyd                  Perth                   1  fish  3 lbs                 Black Ant
Allan Duncan              Alva                     4  fish   11.1/2 lbs       Damsel
Jim Hunter                  Sauchie               4  fish   10 lbs               Damsel
Chris McFaddon        Stirling                 2  fish     8 lbs               Nymphs
Callum McLean         Stirling                  2  fish    4.1/2 lbs         Spider
Jim Speirs                   Stirling                 2  fish     5 lbs                Daddy
Johnny Methven       Dollar Academy 2  fish     5.1/4 lbs         Buzzer
Geoff Daniel               Dollar                   1  fish     3 lbs                Coachman
I & B Holleron            Bo'ness                 4  fish     8 lbs                Dries
Dougie Allan              Callendar              2  fish     6 lbs                Buzzers
Alistair Lennox          Cupar                     2  fish     8 lbs        

Saturday 16th May 2015
It has been another challenging week for the fishermen with the
extremely varying weather for this time of year.
Today The Goth FFC from Fallin had a good day catching 55 fish for 147 lbs
with the Charity Pairs match with John Thomson and Robert McLean winning
with 21.3/4 lbs.
Graham King               Almondbank         3  fish  12.1/2 lbs   best 6.1/4 lbs  Kate McLaren & Dunkeld
Dave Lawson               Methven               3  fish   12 lbs  best 7.1/4 lbs          Damsel
Ian Millet                      Tullibody               3  fish     9 lbs                Nymphs
Alec Fitzsimmons        Fintry                     2  fish     5.1/2 lbs         Tadpole
Ian Cartwright              Abernethy            3  fish     6.3/4 lbs         Hopper & GH Daddy
Iain Wilkie                     Auchterarder       2  fish     7.1/2 lbs         Cut Throat Cat
Iain Weir                       Airdrie                   3  fish     8.1/2 lbs         Blk & Gr Fritz
Ross Pirie                      Perth                      2  fish    7 lbs                 Dries
John McCulloch           Cumbernauld        3  fish  10 lbs                Blk Buzzers
Wm Stanfield               Bridge of Allan      2  fish  11 lbs  best 6 lbs  Black           
Sunday 10th May
Another week of very mixed weather for May, which makes the fishing
more challenging as the depth changes rapidly In a very short time.
When fishing in Scotland you have to be prepared for all weathers,
from sun, freezing cold wind and rain  to snow, not like Spring.
Robert McKinnon        Dunblane             4  fish  15 lbs              Montana
Jim Black                       Stirling                  4  fish   13.1/2 lbs      Kate McLaren
Dave Lawson                Methven              3  fish    13 lbs best 7.1/2 lbs  Howie's Gismo
George Hamilton         Blackford             2  fish     6 lbs              Yellow Dancer
Mark Brownrigg           Callander             3  fish     8 lbs              Yellow Dancer
Brian Harper                 Tullibody              2  fish     9.1/4 lbs       Ally
Cameron Ward             Dollar Academy  1  fish     2.1/4 lbs       Red Muddler
Dougie Allan                  Callander             2  fish     5 lbs               Red Hopper
Allan Duncan                 Alva                      2  fish      7 lbs               Damsel
Dougie McKenrick        Alva                      2  fish      6 lbs               Yellow Dancer
Bob Ross                        Kilsyth                   2  fish     7 lbs                Ally
Harry Isherwood          Cumbernauld       2  fish     5 lbs                Pink & White Lure
Sunday 3rd May, 2015
It has been a quiet week with the turn in the weather back to winter.
The anglers who have braved the wind have been rewarded with plenty of
fish being caught on a wide variety of flies.
Hector Wilson         Bannockburn         3  fish  12 lbs            HH Olive Fritz
Dougie Stewart       Tullibody                 2  fish    5 lbs            Loch Ordie
James Henderson    Stirling                    1  fish    3 lbs            Olive Dancer
David Wilson            Edinburgh               4  fish   12 lbs          HH Damsel
Mike Christie            Scone                       2 fish      7 lbs          Yellow Blob
Tom McGarry           Dunbarton              3  fish     9 lbs           Buzzers
Ron Thomson           Caputh                     3  fish     9.1/2 lbs   Olive Fritz
Wm Stanfield            B of Allan                2  fish      6 lbs          Black Nymph
David Brown             Stirling                     3 fish        9.1/4 lbs  Ally McCoist
Jack Gibb                   Clack                        2  fish       6.1/2 lbs   Diawl Bach