Sunday 5th October, 2014 
It has been another good week for fishing  and the rain and the colder weather 
has made the fish much more active.  Today the fish were being caught on the  
top and about a foot down with a wide variety of dries and lures. 
Bridge Inn FC, Linlithgow yesterday caught 12 fish for 36.1/2 lbs with 
M Nelson having the heaviest basket for 14.1/2 lbs on a Diawl Bach. 
Joseph Thain Jnr              Callendar              5  fish  21 lbs best two for 12 lbs   Black Nomad 
Joseph Thain Snr             Callendar              5  fish   14.1/2 lbs            Black Buzzer 
Harry Isherwood              Cumbernauld      2  fish     8 lbs best 5 lbs    Ally McCoist 
Harry Graham                  Glenrothes           3  fish     8 lbs                    Diawl Bach 
Mark Brownrigg               Callendar              3  fish    11 lbs                   Blk & Yellow Dancer 
W. Davies                          Cumbernauld       4  fish    13 lbs                   Blk/Gr & Red/Blk Buzzers 
A Hoggan                           Bonnybridge        2  fish      8.1/2 lbs            Olive Damsel 
Ryan Sinclair                      Ballieston             3  fish     12.1/4 lbs           Blk&Gr Nomad 
Brian Logan                        Alloa                      2  fish     10.1/4 lbs  best 6.1/2 lbs    Buzzer 
Jim Prentice                       Tullibody               2  fish        8 lbs                 Dries 



Sunday 7th November, 2016

Apart from Thursday we have a glorious week with dry sunny days.   The fish have been mainly 
getting caught just under the surface to about 2 - 3 feet on a wide variety of flies with
Diawl Bach  to all colours of buzzers and lures.

Angus Drummond     Bridge of Allan      2  fish  13 lbs best 7 lbs       Cat

Mike Christie              Scone                      2  fish  11 lbs best 6 lbs       Cat

Barry Hamilton           Glasgow                 3  fish   11 lbs                         Ally McCoist

R. Anderson                 Auchterarder        2  fish   10 lbs best 7.1/2 lbs  Kate McLaren

Kenny McAlpine          Thurso                    2  fish     9 lbs best 6 lbs     Ally McCoist

Joe Hunter                    Tullibody                3  fish     9.1/2 lbs               Diawl Bach

Allan Mitchell               Stirling                    3  fish    11 lbs                     Pink Lure

Dave Wilkie                   Stirling                    2  fish    10 lbs best 7 lbs   Okey Dokey

Ken Clark                        Lochgelly               3  fish      9 lbs                      Buzzers

Davy Black                      Lochgelly               3  fish      9 lbs                      Buzzers

John Gilchrist                 Stirling                    3  fish      9.1/2 lbs              Cat

Sunday 30th October, 2016

This week- end has been lovely for the time of year with the water fishing well again
with flies from dries to lures catching.   The fish are doing a lot of tail nipping just under
the surface to about 2 feet.

Dean Parker yesterday had a great day catching 3 fish for 18.1/2 lbs the best a
lovely 10 pounder and a 6.1/2 on a muddler.

Last week Andy Airnes on his first visit after having an operation, was worried
about being able to fish, and caught one for 10 lbs.   All the best Andy with your future 

Ian Sloan              Almondbank      4  fish    9 lbs                  Yellow Owl

Boo Haughton    Stirling                 3  fish   12 lbs                 Yellow Dancer

Hamish Aitken    Stirling                 3  fish    9.1/2 lbs           Green Head Dancer

John Gilchrist      Stirling                 3  fish    9.1/2 lbs           Ally

Greg Lockhart     Dunblane            2  fish     5.3/4 lbs          College Girl & Boy

A Laing                 Carluke                4  fish    11.3/4 lbs         Daddy

Brian Logan         Alloa                     2  fish      6.1/2 lbs         Buzzers

Ken Clark             Lochgelly              3  fish      9.1/4 lbs         Buzzers

Jim Linton            Moodiesburn      4  fish     14 lbs                Pink Lure

Dougie Allan        Callander             2  fish        7.1/2 lbs        Yellow Dancer

Bob Ross               Kinross                 2  fish        9.1/2 lbs        Hughmungus

2nd October, 2016

It was an excellent start to October yesterday with a cold morning and lovely sunny day and the same today.    With cooler clear water the fish are still taking a wide variety of flies from dries
to bright sparkly lures.   Most of the fish are still taking quite gently so anglers still have to slow
down for them to take, but of course with the cold nights it will not be long before this will
change as the water gets colder and there is not just as much natural feeding.

Michael Feichan    Bonnybridge         4   fish  15.1/4 lbs         Silver Humungus

Gerry Kane             Cumbernauld        3  fish  12 lbs                 Daddy

Jack Gibb                Clackmannan         2  fish   8 lbs                  HH Damsel

John Score              Alloa                        3  fish  14.1/2 lbs          Yellow Dancer

J. Selfridge              Kirkcaldy                 3  fish    9 lbs                  Olive Nymph

R. Gardiner             Stirling                     2  fish   12 lbs                 HH Damsel

Derek Robertson   Bisopbriggs             2  fish     7.1/2 lbs          HH Damsel

Brian Oxley             Rosyth                      3  fish   11 lbs                 Yellow Dancer

A. Galbraith            Inveraray                  3  fish   10 lbs                 Daddy

B. Eddie                   Cowie                        3  fish   12 lbs                 Damsel

Saturday 17th September, 2016

It was a very beautiful autumn day today and a good fishing one, lets hope we get some
more like it.

Today the Goth FFC had a good day taking 30 fish for 102.1/2 lbs with young
Connor Leyden taking the heaviest basket with 4 fish for 16.1/2 lbs the best
a lovely 7.3/4 lbs on a Yellow Dancer, Allan McQueen had 4 fish for 15 lbs on a cat.

Boo Haughton        Stirling              3  fish for 15.1/2 lbs best 9 lbs        Pink lure

Jim Jarvie                 Falkirk               4  fish for 14 lbs best 6 lbs               Buzzers

Bill Parnell               Perth                 3  fish for  12.1/4 lbs                         Green & Black Lure

Ken McKenzie         Perth                 3  fish for  11 lbs                                Concrete Bowl

Allan Mitchell         Stirling               3  fish for    9.1/2 lbs                         Cat

Jack Gibb                 Clack                  2  fish for   10 lbs best 6 lbs             HH Damsel

David Birkmyre       St Fillans           2  fish for     7.1/2 lbs best 5 lbs      Yellow Head Muddler

Les Mitchell             Edinburgh        3  fish for      9 lbs                               Buzzers