Sunday 13th August 2017

On Friday the Perthshire AC caught 21 fish for 56.1/4 lbs
with Bruce McNaughton Taking the heaviest basket
with 4 fish for 11 lbs
Yesterday the Kilsyth AC had a good day catching 36 fish for 102.1/2 lbs with
Garry Paton taking the heaviest catch with 4 fish for14.3/4 lbs 
and Archie  McInnes 4 fish for 14.1/4 lbs
Two young boys Cody from Ibiza, and Richard Todd from Jamaica both caught 1 fish
for 2.1/4 lbs on a buzzer and a cat
Mike Whiting Monie 2 fish for 6 lbs Orange Buzzer
Charles McKinlay Dunipace 1 fish 5 lbs Bloodworm
G Wilson Edinburgh 2 fish 8 lbs Buzzers
M Bruce Edinburgh 2 fish 8 lbs Okey Dokey
John Coelho Dunblane  2 fish 5 lbs Dries
Hamish Carmichael Alloa 2 fish for 7 lbs Diawl Bach
Craig Peattie Glenrothes 3 fish 11.1/2 lbs Buzzers

Sunday 6th August, 2017

The fish have been taking Dries Buzzers and a variety of lures. The nights are already drawing in early again this year.
The Happy Fishers AC  Yesterday caught 11 fish for 31 lbs., mostly on dries.
The Bonnybridge AC  took 23 fish for 59.1/4 lbs
Ramsey Wilson from Aberdeen first time fishing was  Delighted to catch one fish for 2.1/2 lbs on a Cat Whisker
Paul Martin Perth 1 fish 3 lbs Muddler
Allan Laing Carluke 4 fish  12 lbs Diawl Bach
John Score Alloa 3 fish 9 lbs Yellow Dancer
Hamish Carmichael Alloa 2 fish 8 lbs Diawl Bach
Bobby Wilson Falkirk  3 fish 7 lbs Blk Fritz
Chris Kirk East Kilbride 4 fish 9.1/2 lbs Wotsit
Jim Linton Moodiesburn 4 fish 14.1/4 lbs Wotsit


Saturday 22nd July 2017

Hector Wilson Bannockburn 3 fish 12.1/2 lbs best 6.1/2 lbs Dry Fly
John Stewart Dunfermline 3 fish 12.1/2 lbs Blob
Alex Lees Stirling 2 fish 6.1/2 lbs Damsel
Bob Garvie Lennoxtown 3 fish 9.1/4 lbs Damsel
A Laing Carluke 3 fish 8 lbs lures
Tom Pate Alloa 3 fish 9 lbs Damsel
Jake Munroe Perth 3 fish 9.1/4 lbs Bug
Tom Hislop Stirling 2 fish  6.1/2 lbs Tommy T ???
Wm Martin Stirling 4 fish 10 lbs Black Buzzer
Jimmy Young 3 fish 10 lbs best 5 lbs CDC
Wm Salmond Stenhousemuir 3 fish 7.1/2 lbs Butcher
Craig McNeish Bishopton 4 fish 12.1/4 lbs Blob
D O'Donnel Bishopton 3 fish 9 lbs Greenwell Glory
The depth the fish are taking is changing all the 
time with the weather.


Sunday 16 July 2017

I Taylor Tullibody 3 fish 12 lbs best 5 lbs Cat
B Lowther Perth 2 fish  7.1/2 lbs Hopper
John Payne Tullibody 3 fish 10 lbs HH Damsel
Stuart McGilvary Glasgow 3 fish 8.1/4 lbs Tiny Blk Wet
Graham Brownrigg Glasgow 1 fish 3 lbs Dawson Olive
Derek Mitchell Scone  2 fish 7 lbs Damsel
Bill Dawson Dollar 3 fish 9.1/2 lbs Blk & Gr
Jim McNally Dunning 2 fish 6.1/2 lbs Damsel
Ron Weetman Dunning 2 fish 5.1/2 lbs Black bug
Lewis Pike Fintry 2 fish 6 lbs Montana

Sunday 9th July, 2017

The water has been fishing well, with small flies and lures, on the surface or just under. With an abundance of natural feeding on the top and in the water making  fishing more challenging

Gerry Kane Cumbernauld 3 fish 11 lbs CDC
J McMillan Tilly 3 fish 11.1/2 lbs best 4 lbs Damsel
Ross Henderson Dunblane 2 fish 7 lbs Buzzers
Ricky Lasley Bonnybridge 3 fish 12 lbs Buzzers
Bill Dawson Dollar 3 fish 10 lbs Blk&Green 
Dave Wilkie Stirling  3 fish 9 lbs Bibio
Bob Garvie Lennoxtown 2 fish 5 lbs Wee spiders
Ian Brown Denny 2 fish 7.1/4 lbs Craft eye cat
J Fleming Tullibody 2 fish 6.3/4 Buzzers 

Sunday 1st July, 2017

On Friday Live Line AC had a great day catching 31 fish for 82.3/4 lbs 
with Roy McLaren having the heaviest basket with 4 fish for 13 lbs on various secrets
On Tuesday it was great to see Bobby Wilson,(90 plus) back fishing again after months in hospital and looking well, he caught  3 fish for 10 lbs on a Ally.
Eddie Jones Kilmaurs 2 fish 10 lbs best 6 lbs Yellow Nymph
Harry Graham Glenrothes Colin Clements Tynedrum
4 fish 12 lbs Blk&Green Lure
Graham Boot Polmont  2 fish 7 lbs Dries
Craig Peattie Glenrothes 2 fish 6.1/2 lbs Buzzers
Mike Lord Murthly 4 fish 14 lbs Dries
Mike Noble Blairingone 2 fish 5 lbs Dries
Jim Selfridge Kirkcaldy 3 fish 9 lbs Montana

Saturday 24th June, 2017

This week there was rise in the temperature of the water making the fish fussy,
so lures with long tales we're doing well as nymphs and buzzers.
The Killin FFC last Sunday in the bright sun had 27 fish for76.1/4 lbs 
with Angus  Inglis having 4 fish for 14.1/4 lbs on a Diawl Bach
Today Alexanders FFC took 34 fish for 100 lbs
with M Strang taking the Heaviest basket with 4 fish for 13.1/2 lbs on
Buzzers, dries and lures
Kenny Low Stirling 2 fish 7 lbs Black Buzzers
Tony Hingley Alloa 3 fish 14 lbs Yellow Dancer
Richard Kerr Fallin 3 fish 8.1/2 lbs Dries
Robert Purvis Glenrothes 2 fish 7.3/4 lbs Cut throat cat
Bob Ross Kilsyth 2 fish 7 lbs Viva
H. Carmichael Alloa 2 fish 7.1/2 lbs Cut throat cat
Wm Martin Stirling 4 fish 11 lbs Buzzers

Saturday 17th June, 2017

Today the Falcon FFC had a good morning taking 37 fish
for 113.1/2 lbs with John Scullion having the heaviest
basket with 4 fish for 17.1/4  lbs mainly caught on dries.
Ricky Lapsley Bonnybridge 3 fish 11 lbs Damsel
K Baike East Lothian  2 fish 7.1/4 lbs Yellow owl
Peter Low Auchterarder  2 fish 7 lbs Shuttlecock
Ian Anderson Menstrie 4 fish 12.1/2 lbs Diawl Bach
Brian Fyfe Lochgelly  2 fish 6 lbs Buzzers
Robert Pew Burntisland 2 fish 5 lbs Daddies
Robert Chalmers Bannockburn 2 fish 8.1/2 lbs Dark green olive

Saturday 10th June, 2017

Today the Goth FFC had a great day taking 56 fish for 152 lbs with the Pairs Trophy being won by Steven Leydon and Alan Weir with 8 fish for 24.3/4 lbs on dries.
Runners up were Freddie Tortolano and Dean Caulder with 8 fish for 24.1/2 lbs on Buzzers.
The British Legion Club From Cumbernauld also had a good day taking 
20 fish for 55.1/4 lbs best   Eddie Waughton 3 fish 9lbs best 4 lbs on a black snake

Ian Wilkie Auchterarder 2 fish 9 lbs best 6.1/2 lbs Cut throat cat
W Lauderdale Broxburn 2 fish 8.3/4 lbs Ally
J Wilson Stenhousemuir 2 fish 9.1/4 lbs Orange Fab
Ian Law Paisley 3 fish  8.1/2 lbs HH Cat
T Grant Glasgow 2 fish 9 lbs best 6 lbs Blk&Gr Lure

Saturday 3rd June 2017

The water has been fishing well with dries and lures. Lots of fly life hatching for the fish and the sand martins, great sport on the top.
The Perthshire Fishing Club had a good night on Tuesday taking 20 fish for 49.1/2 lbs with
 Bill Parnell  having 3 fish for 8.1/4 lbs.
Gordon Abbott Durham 4 fish 10 lbs Orange Fritz
Ian Bayne Dunblane    2 fish 5lbs Mini muddler
Allan Mitchell Stirling  3 fish 10 lbs Yellow Owl
M Jamieson Perth  2 fish 5 lbs Dry black Hopper
Colin Clement Tynedrum 4 fish 12.1/2 lbs Brown Buzzer
Jim Carrick Cumbernauld  3 fish 10 lbs CDC

Saturday 20th May 201

Today the Falcon FFC were  very lucky to be off the water for their lunch when the torrential rain came on,every else came off the water very quickly. They caught 40 fish for 95 lbs
with Jim Russell taking the heaviest basket with 4 fish for 13 lbs Buzzers.
Les Mitchell Edinburgh 3 fish 9 lbs Buzzers
Dave Mitchell Edinburgh 3 fish 8 lbs Hopper
Hector Wilson Bannockburn 3 fish 9.1/2 lbs buzzers
K Lacey Perth 2 fish 8 lbs  Hopper
Kong Crieff 2 fish 6.1/2 lbs  Damsel
Ian Wilkie Auchterarder  1 fish 4 lbs Damsel
The water has been fishing well with small black flies
and Buzzers and there has been some great rises of fish on the lovely evenings
we have had this week.

Sunday 14th May 2017

We were very lucky today with lovely weather for our
Strathcarron Hospice Charity Day it was great.
The winner was John Speedie with 4 fish for
14 lbs HH Damsel
2nd Brian Fyfe 4 fish 13.1/4 lbs Gr Buzzer
3rd Lucas Alonso-Spring
4 fish 13 lbs Buzzer
4th Allan Buchan 4 fish 11.1/2 lbs Buzzers
5th equal Steven McDonald
4 fish 11 lbs Olive Buzzers
Kenny Lowe 4 fish 11 lbs
Bulk Buzzers
Martin Hudson 4 fish 11 lbs
Kevin Hudak 4 fish 11 lbs
Olive Buzzer

We raised £3,421 thanks to all anglers and everyone
who contributes through
out the year. A special thanks to Margaret Wilson
for making the tablet and
the meringues and strawberry tarts we all enjoyed.

Saturday 6th April,2017

Jim Vann                    Stirling              3  fish  12 lbs   Buzzers

Jim Jarvie                   Larbert              4  fish  12.1/2 lbs        Black Buzzers

W. Logan                   Motherwell       4  fish  12 lbs               Diawl Bach

Greg Hoggan            Stirling                3 fish   9.1/2 lbs          Black Hopper

Dougie Allan             Callendar           2  fish   6 lbs                 Blk & Green Lure

Bill Moonie                Stirling               2  fish   8 lbs                 Nomad

Angus Inglis               Callendar          2  fish    6 lbs                 Diawl Bach

John Barlow              Glasgow            3  fish     8.1/4 lbs         Dry Fly

Allan Mitchell           Stirling               2  fish     8 lbs best 5 lbs  Yellow Owl

Sunday 30th April 2017

H Carmichael. 3 fish 13 lbs   Best 8 lbs cut throat cat
John Score Alloa 3 fish 11.1/4 lbs Yellow Dancer
D Mather Alloa 3 fish 9.1/2lbs Green Fritz
A Burrell Alloa 3 fish 10 lbs Yellow Dancer
Ian Sloan Almondbank   2 fish 5 lbs fab
I Wood & T Pate Alloa 8 fish 23 lbs Various flies
Jake Munroe Perth 3 fish 9.3/4 lbs Buzzers
John McGee Darnley 3fish 10 lbs Damsel
Craig McNeish Bishopton 4 fish 11.1/2 lbs blobs
K MacAlpine Thurso. 2 fish 7 lbs Diawl Bach
J Linton Moodiesburn 6 fish 20 lbs Wotsit
Let's hope the wind dies away in May!!!!

Sunday 23rd April,2017

Yesterday the Falcon Club had a good morning taking
54 fish for 165.1/4 lbs with
George Brothwick had 4 fish for 17.3/4 lbs on a
HH Damsel. There also was 
Celebration for Gregor Paterson's 80th birthday, great to be able to fish at that age!!!
Hector Wilson Bannockburn
3 fish 12 lbs best 6 lb blue
Brian Eadie Stirling 3 fish
12 lbs Goldie
Earl Feighan Bonnybridge
4 fish 10.1/2 lbs Yellow Dancer
Ian Law Paisley 2 fish 7.3/4 lbs Daniel Bach
Robert Johnstone Falkirk
3 fish 10 lbs Buzzers
Ian Cochran & Gerry Halis
Stirling 4 fish 10 lbs Damsel
& Nymphs
Ivan Kent Errol 2 fish 6 lbs
John McLean Melbourne
1 fish dry CDC
S Biddle Dunblane 2 fish
5 lbs Orange Daddy