Sunday 5th October, 2014 
It has been another good week for fishing  and the rain and the colder weather 
has made the fish much more active.  Today the fish were being caught on the  
top and about a foot down with a wide variety of dries and lures. 
Bridge Inn FC, Linlithgow yesterday caught 12 fish for 36.1/2 lbs with 
M Nelson having the heaviest basket for 14.1/2 lbs on a Diawl Bach. 
Joseph Thain Jnr              Callendar              5  fish  21 lbs best two for 12 lbs   Black Nomad 
Joseph Thain Snr             Callendar              5  fish   14.1/2 lbs            Black Buzzer 
Harry Isherwood              Cumbernauld      2  fish     8 lbs best 5 lbs    Ally McCoist 
Harry Graham                  Glenrothes           3  fish     8 lbs                    Diawl Bach 
Mark Brownrigg               Callendar              3  fish    11 lbs                   Blk & Yellow Dancer 
W. Davies                          Cumbernauld       4  fish    13 lbs                   Blk/Gr & Red/Blk Buzzers 
A Hoggan                           Bonnybridge        2  fish      8.1/2 lbs            Olive Damsel 
Ryan Sinclair                      Ballieston             3  fish     12.1/4 lbs           Blk&Gr Nomad 
Brian Logan                        Alloa                      2  fish     10.1/4 lbs  best 6.1/2 lbs    Buzzer 
Jim Prentice                       Tullibody               2  fish        8 lbs                 Dries 



Saturday 30th January, 2016
It has been a very quiet week as we have not had the weather for
fishing or being outside at all in the wind and howling wind.   It was a shock
this morning when we were very white, a lovely winter wonderland,
after it was such heavy rain last night.   It is better to look out and see
what the weather is like in the morning.  A few braved the weather.
Wm Williams            Sauchie              2  fish   8 lbs best 4.1/2 lbs Ally
Gerry Rattray            Blackford           1  fish   6 lbs          Bloodworm
David Hunter             Alloa                   2  fish   6.1/2 lbs  Blob
Brian Murdoch          Stirling                2  fish   7 lbs         Ally
Wm Peattie                Leslie                   1  fish   3.1/2 lbs Ace of Spades
Robert Kettles            Perth                   1  fish   3.1/2 lbs  Black Lure
Ian Souter                   Methven             2  fish   4 lbs         Green & Black Lure
Sunday 24th January, 2016
The water was frozen for a week and the lowest temperature we had was -8 degrees,
so the water is now a lot colder and the fish have slowed down as they always
do when it gets too cold.     Most anglers are catching the fish in the first 2 - 3 feet
with a extremely slow retrieve.    A few have ben caught lower, but I always say if
the fish are on the bottom here they are off as they are usually moving on the top
even in bad weather.  We also had 4 inches of snow melt on on Wednesday and
Thursday when the temperature went up.
Jim Donnelly             Tullibody            3  fish  11 lbs best 4 lbs  Buzzer
Roy Smith                  Denny                 1  fish   4 lbs              Ace of Spades
Matt Ritchie              Perth                   1  fish   5 lbs              Mini Yellow Dancer
Ian Sloan                    Perth                    3  fish   8.1/2 lbs      Damsel
George Carstairs       Dunning               2  fish   7 lbs             Black Lure
John Graham             Crieff                     2  fish   6 lbs             Black Lure
Kenny Low                  Stirling                  2  fish   5 lbs             Black Buzzer
Ewan Kilgannon         Bannockburn       2  fish   6 lbs             HH Damsel
J Bell                             Airth                      3  fish  11 lbs            Damsel
W Cane                        Airdrie                   3  fish  13 lbs            Yellow Dancer
John Graham              Airdrie                   3  fish     9 lbs            Yellow Dancer
Jake Munroe               Perth                     3  fish     9 lbs  best 4 lbs Black Buzzer

Saturday 9th January, 2016
This morning has been lovely with white frost but snow is starting to fall now
so it will probably make the ground soft again.   The water is not frozen at the
time of writing and the fish have been getting caught in the first two feet
with various flies including Ace of Spades, Ally and Bloodworm. 
T. McLaughlin             Uddingston           4  fish  12 lbs           Ace of Spades
Ally Ford                      Milnathort             4  fish  14.1/2 lbs   Ace of Spades
Russell McKendrick   Alva                         2  fish    6 lbs           Bloodworm
John Barlow                Glasgow                  1  fish   2.1/2 lbs    Yellow Dancer
J. Potter Jnr                 Airdrie                     2  fish   6.1/4 lbs     Ally McCoist
J Mackie                       Glasgow                  3  fish  12.1/4 lbs   Blob
Harry Graham             Glenrothes             1  fish    4 lbs           Goldie
Thursday 31st December, 2015
Today has been very calm after such horrific wind and rain yesterday.  It is
odd how fisheries have to contain any extra rainfall and rivers do not need to
and do not pay for the damage they do when they overflow because of who
controls them!!!
Jim Black (a proud Grandad) Stirling  4  fish  12 lbs             Diawl Bach
R. McKenzie            Rosyth                3  fish   11 lbs                Black lure
Allan Mitchell         Stirling                3  fish   11.3/4 lbs         Black Fritz
Neil Bruce               Falkirk                 3  fish    10 lbs                Orange Fritz
Andy Airnes            Clackmannan     2  fish      6 lbs                Ally
Gary Howarth         Slamannan         2  fish      6.3/4 lbs        Black lure
C. McLean                Stirling                2  fish      6 lbs               Goldie
Jeff Thomson          Blackford            3  fish       7 lbs               Green Fritz
Jim Jarvie                 Stenhousemuir  3  fish       9 lbs               Viva
J Harper                    Clackmannan     2  fish       6 lbs               Green
Saturday, 19th December, 2015
Another mixed week with changeable weather from cold to really warm for this time
of year.   The fish are still being caught in the first 2-3 feet of water with a wide
variety of flies and a lot of black.
Andrew Ferguson          Dollar                1  fish   3 lbs                   Blob
Hector Wilson                Bannockburn    3  fish  10 lbs                 Hector's Fancy
Allan Mitchell                 Stirling               3  fish  10.1/2 lbs lbs    Cut Throat Cat
Harry Irvine                     Blairgowrie       4  fish  13.1/2 lbs          Ace of Spades
Ian Soutar                        Methven           2  fish   7 lbs                  Small Black Dry
John Grahan                    Airdrie               3  fish  14 lbs                 Shipman's Buzzer
Alec Campbell                 Airdrie               3  fish   14 lbs                Okey Dokey
Mike Christie                   Perth                  2  fish    7  lbs                Orange Blob
Greg Lockhart                 Dunblane           3  fish    8.1/4 lbs          Super Ally
Dave Wilkie                     Stirling                3  fish   11 lbs                Ace of Spades
Robert Kettles                 Perth                   2  fish    6.1/2 lbs         Ace of Spades
Jim Donnelly                    Tullibody             3  fish   10 lbs               Dry & Buzzers               
Sunday 13th December, 2015
It has been a very rough week with the weather and today I was surprised
the water was not frozen with very frosty night.   The water has still been
fishing on the top 2 - 3 feet with various flies, black especially.
Kong                      Crieff                  2  fish  8.1/2 lbs       Blk & Green Fritz
John Graham       Crieff                  3  fish   9 lbs              Blk Buzzer
Harry Irvine          Blairgowrie       2  fish   8 lbs              Hughmungus
Tom Adams          Tilly                    1  fish   3 lbs              Blk & Gr Bug
Bobby Wilson (91) Falkirk             2  fish   6 lbs              Blk & Gr Lure
Jack Horne            Auchterarder   2  fish   5 lbs              Bloodworm
Hector Wilson      Bannockburn   3  fish  10 lbs             Blk & Silver Fritz
John Brindley       Liverpool           2  fish    5 lbs             Bloodworm
Alistair Ford         Milnathort         2  fish    9 lbs             Black Spider
Harry Graham     Glenrothes         2  fish    8 lbs             Black Fritz
Saturday 5th December, 2015
It has not been a great week with snow last week end and now heavy rain
and wind.    The water is fishing just 2 - 3 feet down with a variety of flies.
Sam Cook                Culross              2  fish  9 lbs best 6 lbs Blue   Bloodworm
W Cane                    Airdrie               3  fish  12 lbs           Pink Zonker
A Campbell             Airdrie               2  fish   9 lbs             Buzzer
Hector Wilson        Bannockburn   3  fish   10.3/4 lbs    Pink Fritz
Jim Donelly             Tilly                    3  fish     9 lbs            Buzzer
Robert Kettles        Perth                 2  fish     8 lbs            Blk Fritz
Ian Soutar               Methven           2  fish     7 lbs            Cat
Alistair Ford           Milnathort         2  fish     8 lbs            Black Spider
C Peattie                 Dunfermline      1  fish     7 lbs           Yellow Dancer
Jeff Thomson         Blackford            2  fish     8 lbs           Blk & Gr Fritz

Monday 23 rd                          No of fish.                      Total weight           Best fish.        Fly

R Mckenrick.                           2                                         6 1/2 lbs.                                   bug
T Adams                                  2.                                        6 1/4 lbs.                                   bug

Tuesday 24 th

John Thomson from Fallin.     3.                                         10 lbs.                                      green Peter
B Dawson from Dollar.            3.                                         10 lbs.                                      cat