Sunday 5th October, 2014 
It has been another good week for fishing  and the rain and the colder weather 
has made the fish much more active.  Today the fish were being caught on the  
top and about a foot down with a wide variety of dries and lures. 
Bridge Inn FC, Linlithgow yesterday caught 12 fish for 36.1/2 lbs with 
M Nelson having the heaviest basket for 14.1/2 lbs on a Diawl Bach. 
Joseph Thain Jnr              Callendar              5  fish  21 lbs best two for 12 lbs   Black Nomad 
Joseph Thain Snr             Callendar              5  fish   14.1/2 lbs            Black Buzzer 
Harry Isherwood              Cumbernauld      2  fish     8 lbs best 5 lbs    Ally McCoist 
Harry Graham                  Glenrothes           3  fish     8 lbs                    Diawl Bach 
Mark Brownrigg               Callendar              3  fish    11 lbs                   Blk & Yellow Dancer 
W. Davies                          Cumbernauld       4  fish    13 lbs                   Blk/Gr & Red/Blk Buzzers 
A Hoggan                           Bonnybridge        2  fish      8.1/2 lbs            Olive Damsel 
Ryan Sinclair                      Ballieston             3  fish     12.1/4 lbs           Blk&Gr Nomad 
Brian Logan                        Alloa                      2  fish     10.1/4 lbs  best 6.1/2 lbs    Buzzer 
Jim Prentice                       Tullibody               2  fish        8 lbs                 Dries 



Sunday 28th August, 2016
It has been a good week with anglers catching fish on dries, with a bit of bright colour
and a sparkle to attract the fish away from the natural feeding.   The evenings are
very short now with the darkness coming in much faster than other years.

Kenny Low          Stirling            2  fish  11 lbs   best fish 8 lbs   Buzzer
Jim Linton           Moodiesburn 4  fish  12.1/4 lbs best 5 lbs     Wotsit
Harry Graham    Glenrothes      3  fish  14 lbs               Oki Doki
Ian Wilkie            Auchterarder  1  fish    6 lb lue          HH Damsel
David Pitcaithly  Falkirk              2  fish   8 lbs               Oki Doki
A Birrell                Sauchie            3  fish   9 lbs               Olive Damsel
Robert Chalmers  Tullibody       2  fish   8.1/2 lbs        Kate McLaren
J Young                   Alloa               2  fish   8 lbs               Green & White Fritz
Jim Carrick          Cumbernauld   3  fish  10 lbs             C.D.C's
Colin Clement    Tynedrum         4  fish   15.1/2 lbs     Black Buzzer
Greg Lockhart    Dunblane          3  fish   12 lbs             Ally McCoist
Alec Neilson       Crossgates         2  fish    9 lbs             Damsel
Ian Cockrane & G. Hallis  Stirling   3  fish  13 lbs         Purple Lure


Monday 22 nd August
The water is still warm with an abundance of feeding so again you have to attract the fish
with something bright and different and keep changing the retrieve.


Dave Lawson             Methven            3  fish  12.1/2 lbs best 5 lbs  Howie's Gismo
Jim Suddes                 Co Durham        2  fish    8,1.2 lbs          Ally
Anne Suddes                    "                    2  fish    6 lbs                 Ally
Dougie McKendrick  Alva                     2  fish    9 lbs                 Sedge
Bill Storie                    Comrie                3  fish    8 lbs                 Blk Nymph
W. Stewart                 Dunfermline       3  fish    8.1/2 lbs         Claret Snatcher
Boo Haughton            Stirling                 3  fish    9 lbs                Pink Lure

S. Edwards                  Aberfeldy             3  fish    9 lbs                Ace of Spades
Bill Thomson              Orkney                  2  fish    6.1/2 lbs         Fish & Chips !!!!
K McAphine                Thurso                  2  fish    8.1/2 lbs         Ally
Brian Robertson         Stirling                  3  fish   12 lbs               Goldie
Derek Robertson        Bishopbriggs        2  fish   11.1/2 lbs       HH Damsel

Today the Killin AC had a good day taking 18 fish for 61 lbs with James Wilson 
having 2 fish for 11 lbs with an 8 lb Blue, A Strachan Jnr taking 3 fish for 12 lbs
with a lovely 6 pounder.    Daddy and sparkly flies doing well.
Yesterday the 1314 AC from Bannockburn had 11 fish for 34.1/4 lbs with 
Stuart Allan having the heaviest basket with 4 fish for 14.1/4 lbs on Black & Green.
On Friday the Perthshire  FFC had 15 fish for 41 lbs 14 ozs.
Jim Jarvie             Larbert              4  fish  14 lbs               Daddy
Dougie Allan        Callendar          3  fish    9 lbs               Yellow Owl
Ian Bowdler         Scone                 2  fish    6 lbs               Black Rabbit
Bobby Wilson      Falkirk                3  fish    8.1/2 lbs        Hare's Ear
R. Stanovich         Glasgow             3  fish    8 lbs               Hare's Ear
A. Robertson        Tobermoray      2  fish    5 lbs               Hopper
John McEwan       Sauchie              2  fish    6 lbs               Fab
Andy Airnes          Clack                   2  fish    6.1/4 lbs        Damsel
H. Carmichael       Alloa                   2  fish    6.1/2 lbs        Jim's Damsel

Sunday 7th August, 2016
 It has been another very mixed week with all weather, but I think the wind today
should start the cooling down of the water.   The fish are still being very fussy,
cruising round the edges and taking something bright and sparkly, different
from the abundance of natural feeding which Is on tap whenever they want it.
Yesterday the Bonnybridge AC had 24 fish for 75.1/2 lbs with Jim Brown
taking the heaviest basket with 4 fish for 14.3/4 lbs on a Fab.
Harry Peattie             Cambusbarron     2  fish   8 lbs          Fab
Robert Pew                Burntisland           2  fish   7 lbs          Diawl Bach
G. Mathieson             Alloa                      2  fish   7 lbs           Dries
Clive Clement            Tyndrum               4  fish  13.1/2 lbs   Green Diawl Bach
Ken Clark                    Lochgelly               2  fish    7 lbs           Coral Dancer
Davie Black                Lochgelly                2  fish    7 lbs           Coral Dancer
Peter McLean            Clack                       2  fish    8 lbs           Sunburst
Jim Milne                    Alloa                       3  fish   12 lbs          Damsel
Tom Taylor                 Alloa                       2  fish     8 lbs           Damsel
Gavin Wilson             Edinburgh              3  fish    12 lbs          Buzzers
Sunday 31st July, 2016
 It has been a fair week with the fish  moving all around you but being very particular
about what they take, very frustrating at times but patience is always rewarded.    Dries and 
lures have been catching with a very slow to static retrieve most of the time.   With such an
abundance of natural food and the warm water you can't blame the fish for being fussy.
A bit of colour and sparkle seems to attract them when it is like this.
Yesterday morning the Falcon Club had a good social day catching 22 fish for 77.1/4 lbs with
Gregor Paterson taking the heaviest basket with 3 fish for 12.3/4 lbs.
Ian Sloan              Almondbank              1  fish   4 lbs               Red Hot Damsel
Ian Law                 Paisley                         3  fish  9.3/4 lbs              "              "
Eric Law                Paisley                         3  fish   8.1/2 lbs       Gold Pearly Lure
Graham King        Almondbank              2  fish   7.3/4 lbs        Damsel
Jim Jardine           Milton O Campsie     2  fish   6 lbs                Blk & Gr Fritz
Jamie Harper       Alva                              1  fish   4.1/2 lbs         Yellow Owl
Davy Black            Lochgelly                     3  fish  10 lbs               Nomad
Jimmy Young       Alloa                              2  fish   7 lbs                Green & White
Wm Peattie         Leslie                              2  fish   5 lbs                Yellow Dancer
Bill Dawson         Dollar                              3  fish  10 lbs               Mini Cat
A Gibson              Leslie                               2  fish   5 lbs                Caddis